Ricoh has provided solutions for hundreds of local governments and corporations across Canada. We truly believe that our product is the best on the market and that it is the best way for local governments to manage their records and business processes.

We are so confident in our solution that we use it ourselves. To begin, there was a time in Ricoh’s history where we realized that our expense management process wasn’t as efficient as it needed to be. This was a problem. We place a high significance on efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance, and we strive to make everything we do best in class. Recognizing our internal gap in efficiency, we conducted a very thorough analysis, landing on Laserfiche (our lead ECM partner) as the optimal software to use. We knew that Laserfiche was the right performance match for Ricoh because it features a high degree of customization that’s designed to streamline everything we do. In this case, Once fully developed, this became a program attribute we could establish as a part of ECM programs we put in place for customers – usually at a lower cost than our competitors.


The solution our team created using Laserfiche generated immediate results. The strategies we built in this process served as a powerful reinforcement to all of our employees, from sales to marketing to accounting that Ricoh stays focused on delivering the best. This helped to improve our team’s understanding of how to build efficient systems for the customers we already had and for those we were working to acquire. For us, it has always been important that customer and prospects alike understood that we are behind the solutions we recommend; what better way to do so than to demonstrate that we’ve improved ourselves using those same tools. 

Through our refinements, we were able to improve the cycle time by 67% for expense payable approval from the start of submission to the payment process. In addition, we eliminated 30% of overall courier costs for Ricoh’s offices around the country. It is our firm belief that this level of results is possible for everyone to achieve with our solutions. We want to make it available for your operation too. The tools are customizable and can be deployed for more than just invoicing: think anywhere from optimizing records management to creating an inviting public facing FIPPA request form. We believe in continuous improvement and always use cutting-edge technology to ensure that we and our customers remain ahead of the curve.

Choose a company that puts its money where its mouth is; we trust our tools so you can trust Ricoh!

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