Universities hold many private records. If these records are lost or leaked, it could lead to grievous consequences. Security concerns are very real, as post-secondary institutions not only store the same employee data that other organizations do (like payroll, address, etc.), but they also store lots of information about their students. There are tangible legal and monetary impacts in case of data breaches, but equally, if not, far more dangerous are the intangible consequences.

This includes concerns such as the reduced trust of both staff and students in their institution as a result of a data breach. If potential employees believe that their information may not be securely stored, including their rate of pay, they may be less likely to apply to work there. This can also mean that organizations miss out on great talent, who could add value to their programs. 

In the minds of students and especially their parents, the reputation of a school may be tarnished due to a security leak. When it comes to security leaks, the long-term loss for a university is their diminished reputation.

Unfortunately, many post-secondary institutions still have insecure systems in place. These systems may be paper-based (allowing anyone to pick up a file folder and walk away) or generally insecure (with commonly known passwords and network connections, which people with malicious intent can easily breach). 

Ricoh knows that this is a real concern for most post-secondary institutions. That’s why we have developed an extremely secure, state-of-the-art system for schools to keep their documents safe.

Schools can store their data in our award-winning enterprise content management (ECM) system. We are vigilant about security and are constantly updating our systems, so that we are one step ahead of the curve.

Our systems have:

  • 128-bit encryption;
  • Web Image Monitor software to block or restrict unauthorized IP access and DDoS attacks;
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transmission to prevent data interceptions;
  • Two-Person Control/Two-Person Integrity, which does not allow a system to be operated by fewer than two separately authenticated individuals;
  • Controlled worker access through authentication;
  • Centralized audit capabilities;
  • Managed digital rights requiring block printing of sensitive information or watermarks;
  • Hard-drive and address-book encryption;
  • Data Overwrite System Security (DOSS) to overwrite or delete latent information on MFP hard drives; and

This is just a small part of what we offer. You can find out more at www.ricoh.ca/education. We provide end-to-end custom solutions to ensure that your students and staff are as confident in their school as possible, while keeping the bottom line in mind.

Talk to a Ricoh representative about how to keep your data safe. Contact us at educationsolutions@ricoh.ca 

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