For Ricoh’s summer co-op students, the core values have had a positive impact over the course of their co-op placement. These values encourage employees and students alike to engage in a shared sense of commitment and community. By embracing these values, all Ricoh employees can successfully navigate challenging obstacles or situations while still creating results through a positive outcome or learning experience.


Teamwork is a value that has contributed to the work completed by the co-op students over the summer term. As a Marketing student, Laura Fallowfield worked directly within a team of four other students. While they all worked on different portfolios, they all supported one another in a variety of ways including regular check-ins and group goal-setting-sessions.. “Ricoh empowers employees to bring value to the company by thinking outside of the box.”
Finance student Ravneet Kaur observed that, “Teamwork is a core value that my department thrives on.” Her key takeaway from her term at Ricoh is that the success of an organization relies on the contribution of every individual throughout the organization. This is achieved through a shared vision and collective efforts of a team.
As a co-op student within the Translations team, Stephanie Coulombe gained firsthand experience in the value of teamwork. It was essential for her role as a translator to work closely with peers across the organization in understanding the context and the signification of the content that is sent for translations.
Lauren Di Nardo, a student on the Administration team quickly learned the value of teamwork as she became familiar with her role. Working with her peers as a team enabled her to effectively execute daily workflow activities for her department. Lauren’s quickly recognized that the true value of Teamwork essentially helped her to work smarter and more efficiently.


Many of the Ricoh technologies available to support remote working conditions have positively impacted the co-ops by enabling collaboration, brainstorming for projects, and ultimately the ability to share information efficiently.
As a software development student, Saleen Shahriar explains how Ricoh’s core value of innovation shaped his day-to-day experience working at Ricoh, “Learning was a big part of my experience, and the element of teamwork that existed within my team allowed me to gain valuable knowledge from my more experienced colleagues”.


Passion is another core value that Ricoh places great emphasis on. Ricoh employees must be passionate about the work they do for success both as an employee and as an organization at large. For Stephanie, she quickly identified her passion for translation work by identifying the impact of her work. “It’s extremely important for Ricoh Canada to provide quality content for both the English and French speakers and this is represented through the work of its employees.”
Everyone throughout the Ricoh organization practices a positive attitude and winning spirit. This inspired all of the students to continuously put their best foot forward in accomplishing their individual professional goals.
After another year of uncertainty, the co-op team would like to thank everyone at Ricoh for welcoming them with open arms and providing the opportunity towards gaining valuable professional experiences.

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