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Why security audits should be done externally

While nobody likes conducting audits, everyone understands the benefits regular assessments can provide your organization concerning information governance, assessing risk, ma... Read more

Securing your remote workspace and workers

The remote workspace has changed dramatically. It’s quite ‘normal’ for remote workers to have virtual drinks on a Friday afternoon as it’s common to see kids pop into video ca... Read more

Is Ransomware Malware’s Killer App?

Computer viruses has been around for almost as long as computers themselves. Like many of the early tinkerers of computing, the motivations of early virus authors ran the gamu... Read more

Best practices to avoid phishing attacks

A criminal is planning his next heist. He's looking for the easiest target—the path of least resistance, where he can win big without much effort. Only today, he isn't lookin... Read more

Handling closet skeletons during your office move

Head office —  75 employees, sensitive data, voice systems, cabling, storage... your ears are ringing as you begin to make a mental list of considerations for next month's off... Read more

IT inoculations: Avoiding the common pain points

It may not always be top of mind, but IT is invariably the backbone of your company. Think about the last time the internet went down at work. Were you able to do your job su... Read more

How to avoid scams during tax season

It’s everyone’s least favourite time of year. No, not going to the dentist, or that annual physical. We’re talking about the dreaded tax season. The weeks leading up to the a... Read more

Pay heed to the IoT’s potential risks

You could call the Internet of Things (IoT) the “next big thing” in tech - if it weren’t so pervasive already. For those who aren’t exactly familiar with the term, the IoT can... Read more

Today is cultural diversity day

May 21st marks the World Day for Cultural Diversity. The United Nations created this day to encourage dialogue about culture to “promote understanding between cultures an...