An entire company works together to achieve a
common goal, customer satisfaction. Ricoh puts high value on its team of
professionals that are out there, everyday, representing Ricoh’s values and
helping our customers grow. After all, if your goal isn’t satisfied customers,
you’ll have a difficult time growing sales and revenue – and without that a
business can’t grow or hire new people. We feel very fortunate to have the
spotlight on this core group including the Director of Sales for Ricoh Canada,
Franz Gangl. Fran
z is a sales leader who is passionate about information technology and the role it plays in making people’s lives better. We’ve talked in the spotlight about how important learning is and how important it is to understand the verticals Ricoh will continue to operate within. Franz helms that set of beliefs and is tireless in delivering the essentials of life-long learning. He also has a keen grasp of Ricoh offerings. We managed to stop him for a few minutes and really appreciated the time he gave us to share some of his knowledge.

What gets you up and going in the morning? Why is that so important?

Franz: One of the things I love is integrating different services so that they can work together seamlessly. I believe it’s important to provide clients with holistic solutions that not only address today’s challenges, but also prepare them for future success. I think this is something Ricoh truly leads the market on. One example of where we did this is the Township of Springwater. They had a grand dream. They wanted to be the first municipality to go completely paperless. They wanted to create an environment where the end user would see no filing cabinets. This was a big undertaking but we were ready and eager to meet the challenge head on.

Ricoh was the only company which
could make this happen. We came up with an innovative project plan that
involved doing the document digitization work and solutions consulting and
implementation simultaneously – with both teams working in parallel. Other
companies only provide one or the other. Springwater was aware of what was
happening with both teams during all points of the project. They felt good
knowing that Ricoh was providing both services; they knew that even though the
solution involved two different services, the work was aligned to achieve a
common goal.
Through this revolutionary
approach, we were not only able to deliver a paperless solution for
Springwater, but were also able to garner attention from other

That’s definitely a plus when a company is equipped to tackle all areas of an assignment. From that, can you highlight the results / benefits Springwater was able to garner from this?

Franz: The net result was a paperless office – freeing up space and money. They gained the ability to re-imagine what their office space could look like and implemented a state of the art environment-friendly work space for their employees.

They were able to do this only because of their move towards a paperless environment. It was exciting to help enable Springwater to redesign into a modern work space.

So, conversion work and solutions consulting simultaneously are uniquely Ricoh?

Franz: It’s more than that. Ricoh provides comprehensive solutions as we execute programs from end-to-end.We eliminate risk and build trust as we are there for the complete process. We have seen the movie, we know how it ends. We know what success looks like and we think on behalf of our client about what the future holds, so that they don’t have to worry about it. Ricoh provides confidence and security.

We keep hearing from everyone about Confidence and Security. Is this coming from ECM / BPM solutions as well? What are the biggest benefits to local governments?

Franz: From a product perspective, ECM / BPM allow local governments to focus on serving their constituents. We increase government efficiency so they can respond more effectively to changes both positive (higher revenue) and negative (flood disaster, etc). Governments are in the business of service, and we allow them to spend more time on service and less on manual processes.

Often we talk about the tangible benefits that governments get from our services, but there is so much more that Ricoh offers. We help people be more confident in their work so that they can be happier. I have worked with many local government officials who say that because of their choice to work with us, their life changed. For some, this means that they got promoted, for others it means that now they are sought after. This emotional benefit is the real value that Ricoh provides and I love to hear about it.

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