You’ve just finished exams, and you’re tired. All you want to do now is maybe lie in bed and relax, or get out with friends to celebrate the end of the process. Everything seems good…then you remember your grades. You need to know how you did on your calculus paper, and the only way to do it is to go across town to the guidance building. Good-bye rest, hello public transportation hassle. And, you have to do the same thing tomorrow to get your grades for algebra…

Picturing yourself in the above scenario doesn’t exactly endear you to college life. Now think of a different scenario, where instead of having to go across campus to get your grades, you can view them straight from your phone while lying in bed.

Unfortunately, most colleges are more likely to put students in the first scenario than the second. A few of the challenges this creates are:

  • Students are often busy with part-time jobs, social engagements, and more. Having to take time out of their schedules to go to campus to get their grades isn’t something they look forward to.
  • Students may not know their way around all the buildings on campus and may get lost looking for the building where they have to pick up their information. This can lead to frustration and annoyance with the college. 
  • Grades may not be ready when they get there. This means that students have to go back home and then come again another day.
  • Paper grades may be lost or damaged and hard to fix if there are errors. If a student does find an error, then it is a time-consuming process to fix.
  • The Canadian winter doesn’t exactly make for happy travelling.

All of the above have potential to create a negative image of a college in the eyes of its students. This image can be spread to the general public and other potential applicants through social media or word of mouth. As colleges depend on further influxes of students in order to survive, it is vital that their students have a positive image of them.

Ricoh can help get students on your side:

  • We can deploy an enterprise content management (ECM) system, in which all student information is securely stored. This system can provide students access to their grades as well as act as a communication tool to reach students. This means that data only has to be entered once, reducing effort on repetitive tasks.
  • This system can link to existing processes and other student information systems, meaning that staff can continue working on systems they are already comfortable with.
  • We can program the system to create automatically generated reports, so that professors don’t have to spend time manually creating and printing reports.
  • We can set up a professional mobile-friendly web portal, which students can access through their mobile devices. This portal can allow students to access their grades and read comments about their performance along with further instructions on how to continue improving their performance.

Ricoh can turn the process of accessing grades into a simpler, more optimized experience. Let Ricoh help you keep your students happy and help you grow a positive public image. 

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