Schools often have lots and lots of old textbooks with outdated information. However, school boards may feel stuck with them because the only option is recycling, which can be an expensive process.

Digital textbooks are often less expensive than their paper counterparts and may come with online learning software and automatic updates. While it may be a hurdle to migrate to digital, it comes with huge payoffs. Ricoh has experience in handling such digital transitions for a large number of organizations, from schools to hospitals, and we can offer our extensive digital services, such that the transition is smooth. 

Let Ricoh Digitize Your Learning Tools

Ricoh provides a comprehensive end-to-end set of solutions. We can start with single solutions for an organization, while we build a relationship of trust and confidence. We can, then, find additional ways to help our partners improve in other areas too as required. At any time, we can easily expand our solutions to meet new challenges that are uncovered. 

  • Our enterprise content management (ECM)system can be used to raise accountability; since students can no longer claim that they didn’t complete tasks because they ‘lost their book’.
  • Digital textbooks can have quizzes or assignments built into them. Using these pre-made quizzes saves instructors valuable time. Many, however, don’t utilize them, because it can be hard to track student answers. Ricoh knows the immense time these can save. We can link the answers to your ECM system – making teachers’ lives easier.
  • We know that many schools already utilize learning management systems (LMS) to track student data. We can integrate our solutions with these systems, so that you get the best of both worlds with no added complexities for your IT department.
  • Through our systems, we can generate valuable analytics data, which teachers and school administrators can use to guide future decisions in terms of further investments in specific areas of the school for improvement or growth.
  • Student progress in textbooks and on textbook questions can be tracked and alerts sent to students and teachers.
  • A web portal can be set up to allow student access to textbooks and other valuable information.

Implementing such a system has many benefits for schools above and beyond the clear monetary savings from purchasing paperless textbooks. Because these digital texts can be linked with other automated processes, it saves teachers valuable time – time that can then be spent directly with students. In addition, getting rid of physical textbooks can help clear up a lot of space within the school – just think of all the cabinets currently housing textbooks. This space can be used to add more staff or to set up extra facilities or classrooms. 

Working with Ricoh and using digital textbooks will likely help your students and your community gain more confidence in your school board’s management. They will see that you’re working to upgrade the school with modern technology and educational standards. Parents want the best for their children and will certainly appreciate knowing that their children are learning (and working with) the latest and greatest.

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