International student admission is a vital source of revenue for higher educational institutions. Reduced public funding and corresponding higher tuitions are driving the need for new revenue generating opportunities to offset the gap and improve student experiences, as students (and parents) demand more for their money

Ricoh can help drive your international student admission process. We know how important it is, and have therefore worked to fully understand what international students want. Our enterprise content management (ECM) system offers:

  • Digital processes so that international students can submit forms and sign up for classes before they arrive on campus. This can greatly help students gain a sense of confidence about the campus and how they will navigate it. Before they even set foot in Canada, they can know where to go and what they need to do.
  • Dynamic web forms translatable into any language will help ESL international students feel comfortable with the application process. Our digital application process also makes it much easier for applicants to receive information about their status. For those living abroad, postal mail may take months to arrive. This puts schools using Ricoh’s processes far above those that still use snail mail to deliver information. Thus a student may choose your school before they even hear back from others.
  • Automated processes require fewer steps in your application process, meaning a higher chance of application completion. 
  • By using our comprehensive portfolio of solutions, you can save money and time. This money can be reinvested into other expenditures such as targeted advertising to international students. 
  • Through our ECM system, you can schedule events particularly for your international students – improving their student experience and causing them to share information about how great your school is. This shared information often reaches other prospective applicants.
  • By gaining a reputation as a technically adept and environmentally conscious school, you increase your prestige and naturally make yourself more attractive to not only international applicants but national ones as well.

We know that each school is unique. We understand you will want to emphasize different features to market to your potential international students. Our team of business consultants can work with you to determine the ECM or business process automation (BPA) strategy that works best for you. We will take this strategy and build a solution customised for your needs.

At Ricoh, we know the immense value international students provide. This includes monetary value, but also encompasses the diversity of perspectives they bring – perspectives, which help your school and student body gain worldly insights. We would love to work with you to bring diversity to your school. 

Learn how other schools are attracting international students to generate revenue & improve student experiences