From the east coast to the west coast and every point in between, Canada is a wonderland full of beauty and amazing experiences. From the mountains of Alberta to the snowy landscapes of Nunavut, our nation is one worth seeing, and not just for Canadians, but for people from all over the world.

With so much to see and do, it’s hard for travelers to decide where to go. It can be difficult for local governments to attract tourists, which is a way to help generate revenue and supply local businesses with customers. Municipalities should have an effective strategy for enticing tourists. Tourism undoubtedly has many benefits for local governments. Through tourism, local governments can:

  • Build revenue. When tourists arrive at a location, they stay in hotels, go to local events and restaurants, buy souvenirs and more. All of these things help local businesses and the local government to grow and gain revenue;
  • Acquire new homeowners and investors. When tourists visit your municipality there’s always the chance they’ll fall in love with it – and move in. Maybe they will even start a business which will help existing constituents. More citizens and businesses directly translates to greater tax revenue for your government;
  • Increase community pride. Arguably the most important role of a local government is to satisfy its citizens and to make them feel good about where they live. Living in a municipality which others compliment and wish to travel to canincrease the pride constituents have in where they live; 

Sounds pretty compelling when looking at all the benefits, doesn’t it? But there are reasons why every municipality isn’t a travel hub:

  • Lack of accessible travel information. Mobile devices are frequently used by travelers to search for information regarding things to do in different regions. Travelers may decide where to go based on the mobile friendliness of a government’s website;
  • Not being publicly environmentally friendly. Travelers are increasingly eco-conscious and want to visit cities which have this same mentality. If given a choice of two nearby cities, one being publicly environmentally friendly while the other is not, a traveler is more likely to visit the “greener” city;
  • Not having enough revenue to devote to proper advertising or to set up a travel section on the municipality’s website. These tasks are not overly expensive but may fall by the wayside if a government is cash-strapped – perhaps due to dated or inefficient processes such as:

    • Paper-based records management systems leading to valuable employee time being spent on search and retrieval of documents;
    • Lack of automated business processes, meaning more time spent on writing emails and memos;
    • Maintaining expensive storage spaces for records;
    • Insecure data leading to possible compliance violations and expensive lawsuits. 

Ricoh can help your government manage issues that inhibit your ability to attract visitors. We know you need to market your local government and we work tirelessly to help you build better plans by:

  • Developing a more secure, efficient and effective records management system. Digitizing your records and storing them in a secure electronic repository or in the cloud is an important step to help with shortening search and retrieval processes. What previously took hours will be able to be done in seconds and there will no longer be a need for storage space for paper records. The money saved from this can be spent on marketing, building a tourist section on your site, or other vital government processes;
  • Creating easy-to-use public-facing forms for constituents to interact with and request information from your government. By optimizing such processes and decreasing response times , constituents will become happier and potentially share positive reviews – effectively, free advertising; 
  • Helping your municipality develop a more eco-friendly reputation. Ricoh is a globally recognized award-winning environmentally friendly company. By working with us and perhaps by marketing this fact, constituents and potential travelers will see that you care about the environment and sustainable business practices. We have been named to the Canada Order of Excellence and are listed among the world’s most ethical companies. We’re not suggesting we’ll be the reason people come to visit your municipality, but we will help you to put the tools in place to provide a better scenario for building positive reputation for your local government.

Let Ricoh help you show the beauty of your municipality to the world – and help you potentially soak in the revenue in the process.

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