Most local governments have relied on paper-based systems for a long time, which can mean hundreds of years. It can be difficult to transform a way of doing things that has existed in an organization for so long. However, there are countless benefits to computerization, and your local government has made the decision to make the transition. That’s wonderful! But which system should be chosen? There are dozens on the market, and all these systems have different functions. This is a big change, and you make sure you do not make a mistake.


Let us explain why Ricoh is the right choice

Ricoh’s representatives have been there, and we understand the challenges of computerizing your organization. Our company, which developed in Canada, was originally a manufacturer of photocopiers and fax machines. At that time, we sold these devices because they were at the forefront and they represented the best technology. However, there came a time when we realized that the future was digital: we transformed our society to sell global electronic solutions. As other copier manufacturers closed their doors, Ricoh was always at the forefront of technology, helping organizations to work smarter and grow at the same time. Today, we have more than 2,000 employees across the country who offer digital solutions. Ricoh is the leader in this sector because we have served a significant percentage of the Canadian market for many years and have seen the transformation of local governments and technologies. In the past, our business has grown by imagining change, and so is the future.


Unlike other manufacturers, Ricoh has extensive experience working with local governments across Canada. We have deployed about 100 solutions in local governments and we are aware of the unique challenges associated with working in the public service. We are aware of the unique compliance and preservation requirements that exist in each province and territory as well as the design systems related to these requirements. With our solutions, local governments can optimize their processes and improve their relations with their constituents. Our solutions are extremely safe while remaining accessible to employees (from their computers or mobile devices).

Nous offrons toute une gamme de services liés à la gestion de contenu d’entreprise (GCE) et à la gestion des procédures d’affaires (BPM). Grâce à nos programmes complets, les administrations locales peuvent moderniser tout leur bureau, en mettant en place la numérisation des dossiers papier, en introduisant la gestion automatisée des contrats, en intégrant l’impression mobile et en utilisant des procédures d’affaires complexes en cliquant sur un bouton. Si l’administration n’a besoin pour l’instant que de service bien précis, nous adapterons la solution en conséquence avec les puisse s’intégrer dans les logiciels et le matériel en place. Nos solutions sont globales et évolutives, donc si votre administration locale décide à l’avenir d’utiliser d’autres services de Ricoh, nous pouvons les intégrer également.

Ricoh has received rave reviews from government workers across Canada and has received awards  for its quality management and ethical business practices. </ br


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It’s time to scan your desktop. We can help you make the transition.