Often, a school may have only a few people in its IT department (if it has one). Ricoh offers customized solutions to provide in-depth support that helps ease the workload of the IT department.

Not having a dedicated IT team can cause several problems:

  • Teachers do not focus on students. The main function of the teachers should be the education of the students. Every hour that a teacher takes to do IT tasks is an hour that will not be dedicated to students. Adding IT responsibilities to a teacher’s job imposes sacrifices elsewhere.
  • Teachers are experts in education, not in IT. Teachers who manage IT tasks may face problems that they are not able to solve and that will have repercussions in the future if they are ignored. In addition, teachers can spend hours doing an IT task that only takes a few minutes for an IT professional.
  • Time is money. While cost is often the argument against hiring external support, the cost difference is much smaller than expected when taking into account the compensation of hours worked by teachers and internal IT employees. In fact, taking into account time and productivity, it’s obvious that working with a solution provider like Ricoh helps save money.

In addition to avoiding the above problems, collaborating with Ricoh provides several benefits:

  • We design customized solutions to the specific needs of your school. We know that every school and every school board is unique, so we can create a solution for you that works. Our business advisors can meet you to discuss optimal solutions to solve your problems. We also have staff who have great experience working with schools and who can recommend the best ways to help you.
  • We provide complete services . We provide extensive support if a problem occurs. Our support team is Canadian and fully trained by Ricoh (unlike other solution providers that make you wait a long time and hire employees from around the world for their help desk).
  • Our solutions are scalable. After you have seen the benefits of our solutions, we can expand our service offering to help you address other issues that you have not addressed yet.
  • Problem tracking makes it easier to troubleshoot. It can be difficult to track issues that you notice. That’s why we offer a user-friendly problem tracking option – users can log their problems in real time, regardless of their location and the device they use. This issue tracking option is tied to our automated automated business process so that our team receives notifications of what is being requested.
  • We use data to provide insights into our common processes and how they can be managed. We are constantly improving our systems to deliver the best value.

IT should not be a cumbersome and tiring task, especially for teachers. Contact Ricoh now.

Finally, please note that Ricoh does not provide legal advice or ensure compliance with any laws, regulations, bylaws or other legislative requirements by the content of this communication. It is the university’s responsibility to seek the advice of competent legal counsel to ensure compliance with such requirements.


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